Renewable Energy

When it comes to Renewable Energy we at Riteway Energy Solutions design, install and commission all our systems tailored to your individual needs.
Our heatpumps, heat recovery systems and solar systems are all carefully designed and sized to ensure the correct application is used to meet the demands of your building.

HeatpumpsHeat Pump

Heatpumps are a very efficient way of heating your home and hot water. Approximately 75% of the energy you need comes from the suns energy, whether it be from the air (air source) or ground (geothermal), which means for every 1kwh of electricity used to power the heatpumps you recieve 3 – 4 kwh of heat energy giving you an efficiency of 300 – 400% or higher and when you compare that to a condensing boiler at 95% efficiency, that is a significant difference.

Heat Recovery

Heat RecoveryUsing a series of ducting pipes, HRV (heat recovery ventilation) extracts the heat from stale damp air going out of a building and transfers it, via a heat exchanger in the HRV unit, with fresh air entering the building delivering warm fresh air into your living spaces.

The benefits of Heat Recovery are:


SolarSolarSolar energy is the cheapest, cleanest and most environmentally friendly source of energy available. By installing a Solar Thermal System in your home, you can reduce your energy costs by 25%, removing the need to run that expensive immersion. In the summer months almost all of your hot water requirements will be met, and as for the remainder of the year, the system pre-heats your hot water cylinder which means you only need to raise the hot water temperature slightly with your boiler, meaning a reduction on your running costs.